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The old Oblivion mod lists have some issues when it comes to links to other mod lists or links to other posts. Some have been purged and can no longer be accessed, while other are simply hard to fine or you can not generate a link not knowing the exact title. There are some of those lists with links verified as of the creation of this page.



•  13.1 Modding Websites

•  13.1.1 Cliffworms Mods

• General Mod Lists

• Themed And Specialty Mod Lists

• Modders'/Players' Resources And Utilities


13.1 - Modding Websites


13.1.1 - Cliffworms Mods

Original Bethesda thread [LIST] List of Mod Lists by Cliffworms - General Mod Lists

   Lists containing mods from different themes that have been made by players.


   Push List of Oblivion Mods

   Pushtaku's list contains both the most popular mods and those which are less known.

   Phoenix1213's "Any Mods?" list of topics

   When a user posts a new thread about mod suggestions, Phoenix pops in and tags the thread using "azerbagb". Now, using different tags starting with '"azer", Phoenix has made a list of every topic he has tagged, even categorizing them under certain themes.

   The Oblivion Performance Project by BallofFire

   Various mods, tools and guided aimed for players with low or medium-end computers looking for a performance boost.

   Apocalypse's List of Links to Useful Mods and Utilities

   Apocalypse's list offers a variety of mods and utilities that work well with each other, and with minimized conflicts.

   Bg's List of Base Mods by bg2408

   A list of base mods focused on the areas where Oblivion mostly needs improvements.

   BallofFire's Oblivion Mod List

   BallofFire's personal recommendations for every mod categories.

   List of Must-Have Oblivion Mods by L. Hammonds

   Contains various mods from different categories for those who are not aiming to seek overhauls.

   FiveFries' Oblivion Mod List

   FiveFries' personal recommendations for every mod categories.

   A's List of Recommended Mods by Aelius

   Mod list containing most popular mods that were released during and before 2007. - Themed And Specialty Mod Lists

Specialized lists that offers mods in a specific area of interest


   Underdog Mods [Thread 2], By many people

   Environment Mod List by wrinklyninja

   Best of the little-known gems by many users

   Running4Cover's List of Stealth Mods

   Final Fantasy Mods List by Povuholo

   Viviolay's Robert Female Mod List

   List of non-English mods by XtremeRampage

   Let's Talk Horses by Blade of Mercy

   Delte's Thread of Immersion Mods

   Eshenaleros' Non-Sexy Armor List

   Roleplay, Replay, a Randomly Generated Job Mod List by Iansi

   Daggerfallesque Mod List by Cliffworms

   The Demonic List of Leveled List mods by demonsshade

   Morrowind and older TES games nostalgia mods by Gez

   Magic Overhaul Comparison by bg2408

   Sds Shivering Isles Mod List by Smokindan

   Scaling Overhaul Comparison by bg2408 - Modders'/Players' Resources And Utilities

   Meshes, textures, objects, scripts and more!

   List of Modder's Resources by GooglePox

   Originally created by con-tu-reh, the ultimate list for a modder looking for a specific mesh, texture or object. Contains resources not found in WhoGuru's list.

   List of Modder's Resources by WhoGuru

   The ultimate list for a modder looking for a specific mesh, texture or object. Contains resources not found in GooglePox's list.

   List of Grid Maps by bg2408

   A useful reference for modders looking to edit exterior cells.

   Useful Modding Tools by InsanitySorrow

   Contains many tools for the various modding avenues you might want to undertake. Each tool is categorized by difficulty of learning/using.

   TLM Useful Links

   Links to various websites, forums resources and mod lists.

   List of OBSE plugin DLLs by SkyRanger-1 - Last updated August 28th 2009

   A list of every known DLLs used in OBSE plugins.


Original Author Credits

Thank you to the following people who helped with the list.

•  First, the authors of the mod lists. Thank you for doing them!

•  Then, those who helped me with lists I missed:

•  Qawsed Asap

•  Meek

•  TheNiceOne

•  Jenrai