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Mods And Beyond

Collection of Wrye Bash history and information

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Mods And Beyond

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When I looked for some old Morrowind mods it took me a bit to find them on alternate sites. I have also found forum posts that provided users with usefull information. However, you will find that most of those posts were not maintained or the sites are no longer available. With none of the links really working the information isn't as usefull. All the links are from these older forum posts except that I have verified that they lead to the information indicated.


I also wondered are there any other sites other then the Nexus and the UESP Wiki for mods and other Morrowind utilities. As I continue to find other websites, tutorials and, Utilities I will list them here.


•  9.1 Community Creation Set Fix

•  9.2 Modding Websites

•  9.3 Morrowind Mods

•  9.3.1 CanadianIce

•  9.4 Mod Utilities

•  9.4.1 Utilities by various authors:

•  9.4.2 Ghostwheel's Morrowind utilities and documents:

•  9.5 Pages containing other tutorials, usefull information and/or utilities

•  9.6 Modelling/Texturing tutorials

•  9.7 Landscape editor

•  9.8 General Construction Set tutorials

•  9.9 Dialog "How-To" tutorials

•  9.10 Quest tutorials

•  9.11 Tools

•  9.12 Credits

9.1 - Community Creation Set Fix

TESCS Fix for Steam GotY edition

9.2 - Modding Websites

   Tamriel Rebuilt

   The Assimilation Lab

   TES Alliance

   Morrowind Modding History

   Great House of Fliggerty


   Fort Elder Scrolls

   Morrowind is Home

   Emma's Elder Scrolls Site

9.3 - Morrowind Mods

9.3.1 - CanadianIce

•  moddersrealm.com Home of CanadianIce & Howndog

   Ice's Hideaway & Buster

   MQBInstaller 3.1

   Metal Queen Boutique v3.1

   MQB Addon: Queen of Hearts Armor for BB

   MQB Addon: Victorian Gowns & Pixie Boots

   MQB Andromache

   Black Widow Robe V.2

   Balmora Expansion v1.4 (full)

   Balmora expansion collection v1.4.1

   Balmora Expansion 1.3 esp only


9.4 - Mod Utilities

9.4.1 - Utilities by various authors:

•  BSA Browser browse, search, pack, unpack, and register Bethesda Softworks Archive (bsa) files with a user friendly interface.

•  BSA Registration Utility -It does the same thing like the old BSAReg, but KINGPIX has released the BSA Registration Utility with some interesting features.

   BSA Registration Utility Please note that downloading requires registration.

   BSA Registration Utility TAL.

   BSA Registration Utility MMH.

•  DDS Converter

•  Enchanted Editor Is an advanced editor and has a lot of features that other tools doesn't have, but it's old and hard to understand how it works.

•  escog This tool is used when you want to get rid of both evil GMST's or harmless GMST's and it's recommended to remove GMST's, but always check the readme first because some mods is cleaned even with GMST's.

•  GMST Vaccine by Wrye

•  Groundcover Generation Package by Noteless

•  LOOT As of v14.6 LOOT Now supports Morrowind

•  mlox Is similar to what BOSS is for Oblivion to sort your loadorder.

•  Morrowind Plugin Manager Is very easy to use for both installation/uninstallation of mods and it also supports mp3 files, but it doesn't support .7z archives and Wrye Mash has support for both 7z, MP3-files

•  NetImmerse Block Editor - NIBLE

•  TESFaith Is a tool that you use for moving exterior cells from one cell to another cell.

   TESFaith 0.95 It's a tool that you use for moving exterior cells from one cell to another cell.

   TESFaith 0.97alpha It's a tool that you use for moving exterior cells from one cell to another cell.

•  The Elder Scrolls Advanced Mod Editor Is a powerful cleaning tool for modders similar to TES4Edit as a cleaning tool, who use TES Advanced Mod Editor before they release a mod or a patch.

•  TES Mod Utility is another tool similar to TESAME, but I don't know if anyone are actually using it.

   Obsolete according to the Tes3Mod:Modding UESP Wiki

•  TES Mod Utility

•  TES Mod Utility TES Mod Utility 2.01

•  TES Plugin Conflict Detector IIRC you can use TESPCD to clean mods, but it's an excellent tool for troubleshooting similar to what TES4Edit is for Oblivion.

•  TES Dependency Tool Kit You can use it if you need to either add or remove a dependency for a mod for example an updated patch between two mods

•  Wrye Mash

   Wrye Mash Stand Alone v88, by Sharlikran

   Wrye Mash - Polemos fork - 2019, by Polemos


Wrye Mash 84 Nexus

Wrye Mash 84 MMH

   Wrye Mash 84 is the last version by Wrye Himself

Wrye Mash Stand Alone v3, by Melchor

Wrye Mash Stand Alone, by Yacoby

•  DDS Tools CS Wiki

•  A couple of other tools can be found with the Wayback Machine so please be patient. Here is a list of other useful tools.


9.4.2 - Ghostwheel's Morrowind utilities and documents:

•  BSAPACK Utility (with source code) – command line BSA archive packer/unpacker

•  BSA Registration Utility provides automatic registration of the BSA archives (if you're too lazy to edit morrowind.ini)

•  TES Rename 1.05 powerful model/icon/texture file rename utility and more :)

•  NIF Duplicator 1.0 small helper utility for modders – can automatically duplicate given NIF for several texture files – just read documentation

•  NIF Color 1.0 small helper utility that can quickly update ambient/diffuse/specular color light values for all materials in multiple NIF files

•  TES Plugin Tool 1.3 - Is a helper utility for the The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind game. ESM/ESP cleaning tool, leveled list merger, object and dialog entry merger and more.

   TES Plugin Tool (TESTool) 1.3 Documentation

   TES Plugin Tool 1.3 - Slightly different CRC accoring to Dragon32

   TES Plugin Tool 1.3


All programs are ZIP archives with text/html file documentation included in the archive. READ IT!


9.5 - Pages containing other tutorials, usefull information and/or utilities

•  NifTools

•  Klinn's Advice to New Morrowind Modders

•  Tamriel Rebuilt Tutorials

•  Summon Creation and Icon Creation tutorials by TumbleDumpling


9.6 - Modelling/Texturing tutorials

   SriKandi's Skinning Tutorial

   Face Texturing for Morrowind - Human Faces - lochnarus

   Creating Hair Textures From Scratch - lochnarus

   Perceptual Motion - Texturing for Dummies

   Blender 3D: Noob to Pro

   UV Map Basics

   Modelling a sword in Blender


9.7 - Landscape editor

   placeholder for zip


9.8 - General Construction Set tutorials

   Build a house tutorial - by Calislahn

   Morrowind Mod Makers manual


9.9 - Dialog "How-To" tutorials

   Srikandi's dialogue tutorial

   Comprehensive Dialogue for Morrowind - The "How-To, - from the old thread

   Calislahn's Dialogue Basics tutorial

   Jac's dialogue tutorial


9.10 - Quest tutorials

   Skydiver's basic quest tutorial

   Sample Quest Dialouge Tutorial by Darkness of Light


9.11 - Tools

   Blender3d homepage

   blender_nif_plugin Blender3d .NIF Scripts



9.12 - Credits

Some links are taken from the following posts. Others are simply things I found hunting down the links


Comprehensive Tutorial and Useful Link List